Men Blue The Side Stripe Straight Solid Jeans

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Size: 28
Color: Blue
Material: 100% Cotton
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Side Stripe Straight Denim (Men's): Straight Fire Denim for the Alt King

Calling all trendsetters and denim fiends! Ditch the basic jeans, the Side Stripe Straight Denim is the ultimate statement piece for the dude who reps both timeless style and a rebellious spirit.

Here's the lowdown:

Straight Fit: This cut's a classic for a reason. It's not too baggy, not too skinny, just a comfy, relaxed fit that lets you move freely.

Cool Blue Wash: A classic blue denim wash that never goes out of style. Vintage vibes meet modern edge.

Black & White Side Stripe Detail: Make a statement with bold black and white stripes racing down the sides.

Button Placket Openings: Level up your customization game! Button placket openings on both sides let you choose your vibe.

Durable Denim Construction: Crafted from high-quality denim, these jeans are built to last.

How to Style It and Own the 'Gram (or the Mosh Pit):

Graphic Tee & Sneakers: This is a clean, classic combo that lets the side stripes shine. Black or white graphic tee and fresh kicks keep it simple and effortlessly cool.

Band Tee & Boots: Pair these jeans with a vintage band tee and black boots for a head-turning, edgy

Flannel Shirt (tied around the waist): Throw on a plain white tee, a black or plaid flannel shirt tied loosely around your waist, and unleash your inner skater boi.

Where to Rep This Legendary Piece:

Casual Hangouts: Hit the arcade with your crew, grab ramen with your squad, or just lounge around in ultimate comfort and style.

Concerts & Festivals: Show off your love for music and stand out from the crowd at concerts and festivals.

Skate Park & Streetwear Events: Represent your love for all things streetwear and alternative style at the skate park or at streetwear events

The Side Stripe Straight Denim is a must-cop for any Gen Z dude who wants to embrace a unique, streetwear look with a touch of classic denim style. It's the perfect way to express your individuality and inner rockstar wherever you go. Don't sleep on it, this trend is fire and these jeans will fly off the shelves faster than you can say "encore"!


Size: 28
Color: Blue
Material: 100% Cotton

Product information

Here are some additional details about fabric:

  1. Cotton:
    1. Natural Fiber from the cotton plant.
    2. Breathable and comfortable.
    3. Absorbs moisture well.
    4. Ideal for everyday wear and hot climates.
  2. Denim:
    1. Sturdy cotton twill fabric.
    2. Recognized by its diagonal ribbing or "wale."
    3. Durable and commonly used in jeans and casual wear.
    4. Takes on a distinctive appearance with repeated wear.
  3. Rayon:
    1. Semi-synthetic Fiber made from wood pulp.
    2. Smooth and comfortable with a silk-like feel.
    3. Breathable, making it suitable for warm weather.
    4. Versatile and often used in casual and formal wear.
  4. Nylon:
    1. Synthetic fabric known for strength.
    2. Lightweight and quick drying.
    3. Resistant to abrasion and wrinkles.
    4. Frequently used in activewear and hosiery.
  5. Knit:
    1. Fabric made by interlocking yarns in a series of loops.
    2. Stretchy and flexible, providing comfort and ease of movement.
    3. Commonly used in casual wear, sportswear, and undergarments.
    4. Versatile for various garment types due to its elasticity.
  6. Silk:
    1. Natural protein Fiber produced by silkworms.
    2. Luxurious, smooth, and soft texture.
    3. Known for its sheen and draping qualities.
    4. Often used in high-end clothing and formal wear.
  7. Wool:
    1. Natural Fiber obtained from sheep.
    2. Insulating and regulates body temperature.
    3. Resilient, resistant to wrinkles, and moisture-wicking.
    4. Commonly used in cold-weather clothing.
  8. Linen:
    1. Natural Fiber made from the flax plant.
    2. Breathable and lightweight.
    3. Absorbs moisture and dries quickly.
    4. Ideal for warm-weather clothing, casual wear, and home textiles.
  9. Spandex (Lycra or Elastane):
    1. Synthetic Fiber known for its exceptional stretch.
    2. Adds elasticity to fabrics.
    3. Commonly blended with other Fibers for flexibility.
    4. Used in sportswear, swimwear, and form-fitting garments.
  10. Polyester:
    1. Synthetic fabric known for durability.
    2. Resistant to wrinkles and shrinking.
    3. Retains color well.
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